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About Us

We're family
She Crate is The FIRST and only Mother & Daughter Playdate box. Creating lasting memories for women and their little mini-me ages 5-12 bonding.

Your box is filled with 6-8 items monthly ranging from;

*Arts & Crafts (just takes you ONE hour with your little one to create)

*Fashion/Accessories (matching & coordinating trends for moms and daughters)

*Lifestyle/Educational resources (especially for busy moms on the go)

*Some health snacks & cool surprises


..plus so much more! AWESOME to have you now a part of this community.

We wanted to create something really cool and fun for moms to take just one hour out of their day or month to spend a little

bonding time with their little girl. We know first hand that life is busy and hectic.

But a child's early years are some of the most important. Busy Moms need to build memories too - and we have found a way to

bring them to you---and together: She Crate.

Unboxing Mommy & Me Playdate project + FREE Video Tutorial.

The best part mom is that you don't have to go anywhere to burn cash or gas, right? Just stay home and have a date.

Our team did all of the hard work for you, mom.

Don't worry!

“I was constantly working long hours outside of my home. Whether it was my full time job or running a business,

my days were just super full. My husband spent way more time with our girls than I did. They were closer. I

needed to find a quick, simple, yet fun way to bond with my two mini-me’s. Something that they will totally enjoy

and not even think about the long hours I spent away from them. And through this I began having playdates with

them. I developed She Crate. Encouraging other busy moms to spend a moment having their own playdates with

their mini-me too. Trust me, the bear cubs will forever cherish these moments!”

–Janelle M., Founder/Creator of She Crate “Magic Made by Mommy & Me™”

"The best toy a child can have is a parent who plays with this."