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Multiple or Bulk 'Mommy & Me' Playdate Boxes


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Running a non-profit? Special event? Donation for a charitable cause? Or maybe a Girls Fun Day In? She Crate can help! Order your 'Mommy & Me' Playdate boxes in the bulk. Minimum to start will be 10 boxes. You will receive an additional 3 boxes FREE in support of your cause. You use the additional 3 as a fun giveaway, or for anyone who brings an extra person to your girls event, or simply host a giveaway and make it fun. This is simply our way of supporting you and your mission. Flat rate shipping fee will apply. She Crate is filled with 6-8 curated items including playdate fun project for the given month you're making a bulk purchase. Additional questions? Visit our FAQ section or email: hello@shecrate.com. ***NOTE: this will be just a one time purchase. Bulk orders does not include monthly reoccurring subscription.

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