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February 2016 Playdate Box

Mama'bear size
Mini-me size

Product Description

Theme: Fashion & Beauty. Starting your new year off with a few of the latest trends. We know you and your mini-me will love this curated box filled with tons of kids safe and friendly products. We love empowering our little girls and helping moms strengthen relationship. T-shirts fits true to size. Playdate items includes: 1 Large size nail polish (for mama bear) 1 Small size nail polish (for bear cub) 1 Lip gloss 2 Organic Lip Balm Nail kit (nail decals, nail filers, press off nail polish remover), and 1 buffer 1 Matching pencil and journal set for mini-me. ***NOTE: This is for One-Time Product Purchase ONLY. One-time products does not include re-occurring monthly subscription.

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